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RMTAO Education Conference 2013

Excellence in Practice

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RMTAO Education Conference 2013 Videos Sponsored by: Sponsored

RMTAO Education Conference 2013: Excellence in Practice

Presented by: Pamela Fitch, BA, RMT; Pamela Fitch, BA, RMT & Emilie McKay, RMT; Lorraine Peters, CPT, RHP... more


Total length: 408min
The Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario is pleased to offer online access to the 2013 RMTAO Education Conference: Excellence in Practice.@@@MoreBegin@@@ RMTs are able to purchase the conference video, featuring four of the popular conference sessions (also available individually). Whether you were unable to attend the conference, or if you would like a refresher on the sessions, these videos will provide insight into four facets of the massage therapy spectrum. Continue with your passion, stay engaged, and grow with the profession while earning CEUs and expanding your career.

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Relaxation Therapy Science and Clinical Outcomes

Presented by: Randy Persad, Dip.Pharm, RMT

Session Description

Video length: 137min
Clinical research in mind-body medicine confirms that thought patterns can change brain activity, immune health, muscular tension and other physiologic responses. @@@MoreBegin@@@When specific ‘guided relaxation’ instructions are introduced during a massage therapy session, your client’s response to treatment is more likely to be enhanced. This session will explore the Science of Relaxation, its clinical relevance and methods to incorporate it into manual therapy practice.

Speaker Bio
Randy Persad, RMT and ex-Pharmacist, has over 25 years of experience in the health care profession.  As a former Dean of Education of a massage therapy school, he knows the importance of teaching the most relevant, researched and updated health-care practices in an ever-changing clinical environment. While he continues his education in many areas, he maintains advanced education in manual therapy, anatomy & physiology, and a special interest in the science and physiology of relaxation therapy.

With an eclectic background Randy adopts a diverse ‘outside the box’ treatment approach. As a practitioner, he skillfully and gently entices and engages the body’s inherent healing ability to achieve desired clinical outcomes. His studies in Yoga Nidra, Science of Breath, and Biofeedback prompted the development of this unique workshop for health care providers. He embraces eastern vendatic practices of yoga, breath awareness and deep relaxation to maintain his health and spiritual balance. 

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Practicing Professionally Independent of Personal Belief

Presented by: Pamela Fitch, BA, RMT

Session Description

Video length: 89min
Massage therapists are frequently faced with clinical situations that challenge their own personal belief systems. Clients sometimes ask for favours @@@MoreBegin@@@ that lie far outside the professional framework or seek help with problems that massage therapists may not understand or appreciate.

This course employs the new inter-jurisdictional competency 1.2.d “Practice professionally independent of personal belief” (2012) as a framework for examining how to instill professional values and awareness of the massage therapeutic relationship. Choosing the best professional response requires knowledge and skill in distinguishing between professional and personal beliefs as well as identifying the beliefs that may cause ethical challenges for therapists.

Teaching massage therapy students to embrace professional values creates an additional challenge for MT educators. This course offers educators an opportunity to clarify their professional practice teaching and encourages them to link clinical challenges to the profession’s existing ethical resources.

Speaker Bio
Throughout the course of her professional career as a massage therapist, Pam Fitch has advocated on behalf of the profession in the areas of professional practice, communication and the massage therapeutic relationship. Her interests have largely focused on women’s health issues and the impact of massage therapy for clients who have experienced trauma and post-traumatic stress. Pam demonstrates how careful assessment, positive communication and active listening can help keep clients safe. Her textbook, “Talking Body Listening Hands”, is to be released by Pearson in January, 2014.

Pam has represented the profession at the provincial and national level and became a performance indicator writer for the Consortium of Massage Therapy Regulators from 2011-2012. She teaches at Algonquin College in Ottawa and has been involved in the massage therapy profession for more than 25 years as a practicing massage therapist, writer, mentor, peer supervisor and educator.

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Scars of Life: Assessing and Treating Impairments Associated with Scarring

Presented by: Pamela Fitch, BA, RMT & Emilie McKay, RMT

Session Description

Video length: 123min
The Massage Therapy Foundation Gold Award for Case Reports was recently awarded to Emilie McKay, RMT, of Ottawa. In this presentation, Emilie presents the findings from her case report ‘Assessing the Effectiveness of Massage Therapy for Bilateral Cleft Lip Reconstruction Scars’.@@@MoreBegin@@@ In addition, this course affords participants to learn how massage therapy can help with principle impairments associated with scarring as a result of surgery, burns or trauma. It is suitable for massage therapy students, educators and clinicians wishing to provide care for clients with adhered or uncomfortable scars.

Speaker Bios
Pamela Fitch, BA, RMT

In her role as faculty and outreach coordinator at Algonquin College, Pam established a successful “Scar Outreach” Clinic that teaches students how to work with impairments associated with scar tissue as a result of burns, trauma or surgery. Pam has represented the profession at the provincial and national level and became a performance indicator writer for the Consortium of Massage Therapy Regulators from 2011-2012. She teaches at Algonquin College in Ottawa and has been involved in the massage therapy profession for more than 25 years as a practicing massage therapist, writer, mentor, peer supervisor and educator.

Emilie McKay, RMT

As the recent winner of the “Gold Award” for the Massage Therapy Foundation’s annual Practitioner Case Report Contest, Emilie has brought attention to the unique topic of scars with her report on ‘Assessing the Effectiveness of Massage Therapy on Bilateral Cleft Lip Reconstruction Scars’. Graduating with honours from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Emilie began working as an RMT at Body Poets Massage Therapy, where she has also taken on the role of Office Manager. Dedicated to ongoing learning, Emilie is taking acupuncture courses at the International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Self Care for the Caregiver

Presented by: Lorraine Peters, CPT, RHP

Session Description

Video length: 59min

This presentation explores the critical nature of self-care in the health and healing sector. @@@MoreBegin@@@

It is easy sometimes to think that your poor physical condition or your mental clutter is not affecting your work but that is simply not true. No other profession relies upon their own physical and mental health like massage therapy. Then a RMT treats a client, they can only give to a client what they have available to give. If the RMT is physically exhausted, spiritually depleted or mentally exhausted they cannot by mindful and present with their clients.

In this session, there is a discussion on the various roles we all play, why that matters and why we are more susceptible to exhaustion. While investigating the five pillars of self care, Lorraine Peters describes the action plan to get you on the path of tending to your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and assess gaps to map out a plan to bring about more balance so that you can live with intention and on purpose.

Speaker Bio

Powerful, high octane speaker and presenter. Lorraine’s eclectic education and experiences in business, leadership, health & fitness, Herbalism, Motherhood and coaching makes her a one of a kind educational/motivational speaker. At the age of 21 Lorraine went into nursing school and completed her nurse’s aid course and followed that up with the R.N program. After leaving nursing, knowing that it was not the career path for her Lorraine pursued a sales career for 15 years where she rose to leadership roles inside a Bell-Aliant owned company.

At the same time Lorraine was in the sales and business development profession she was also embracing what was to be her true passion in life. In 1994 she became a fitness instructor and taught fitness classes and weight training for many years. Lorraine also had an interest in energy healing and in 2001 she completed her level 1 Therapeutic Touch practitioner course. In addition to health & fitness Lorraine had a growing interest in holistic nutrition and her belief that food can help heal our body, prevent disease and extend our lives.

Lorraine is known for her motivation and her unique insights about living life to its fullest. Whether it’s achieving life goals, losing weight or finding joy and balance in life she delivers doable techniques guaranteed to help you gain clarity and focus, feel empowered to make changes in your life and live the life you desire.

Lorraine is the past President of Fitness N.B and a published author. She is also writing her own book due out in the Spring/Summer of 2013.

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